Welcome to the RAVE

15 03 2009


I remember times where people lost them selves to music. I remember dodgy warehouses. I remember dancing any where you wanted to. (even on cars)

Some tracks brought shivers to peoples spines when they were heard for the first time in a massive f#@k off sound system that you could hear four suburbs away. I mean massive. Tracks like “total confusion – confusion mix” by “Homeboy hippie & funki dredd”. tracks like that made you loose your head and start to dance.

Five years after hearing this I heard it again at an Old skool party, paying homage to the classics of rave. finally finding out the name off the dj at that time. Two years after that roaming through second hand record stores, I found it. 

Homeboy hippie & funki dredd – Total confusion (confusion mix) Download

The Prodigy – everybody in the place Download



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