DJ LETHAL, Dont You Know Who I Am ?….

1 04 2009



As a man hes a dreamer, from his dreams he turns them into reality. As a musician he nails the key to adverse styles, techniques and sounds with passion. Allowing him to play along side of various artists!!

Like: Alex Kidd, Dave Joy, DJ Lee, Yoshi, Archie, Doctor Willis, Hellraiser, Sanders, Jewelz, Jason Midro, Johnny L, Soul T, Scott Alert, Amber Savage, Nik Fish, John Coarse, Grant Smiley, Kai Tracid, Steve Hill, TechnoBoy, Luca Antolini, DJ Slideout, DJ Zany, AlphaZone, Joop and many many more….. And more to come!!!!

Leigh Cusack aka DJ Lethal, is an up and coming talent not to be reckoned with. From delivering diverse and dynamic sounds, he captures the essence of all styles ranging from house to electro, tech trance all the way through to hardstyle and always delivers with his ultimate display of crowd pleasing talent, from each set he gets the Fed-Ex stamp of approval.. 


“Don’t You Know Who I Am…???”  This is his most common comment that i hear him use to get in to places for free, normally to the dodgy-est bouncers. But he ends up charming them with his charisma.

He has run various clubs around melbourne too, like at ILLUSION and ELEVATION.

His Music styles have changed over the years to incorporate a more open minded and positive sound, drawing from all his influences. these mainly include, Electro & Progressive , Techno, Uplifting Trance, Hard Trance, & Hardstyle. I asked him to make a mix to show what this man has got to offer. So here it is

Dj Lethal – something different from lethal download

If your wanting to find out more, just look down on his myspace page and show some love.



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