its on here wif… Schmikey

4 07 2009


its on here wif… SCHMIKEY…

1. your a funny character, you have played many a trick on me and others out there, how does this influence your music? if it does?

i always let the room influence my music, i have a broad taste in genres, so i swing it in whatever direction the room is going. I’ve always seen dj’ing as an unspoken conversation between the dj and the punters. i never know what I’m going to play until a few minutes before i drop it. i let the reaction of the people to the track currently playing determine the next track i play, so if i do something that’s a little tongue and cheeck, its purely because that was the direction the room was heading.


2. You follow a few different styles, which of them are your favorite and why?

it’s so hard to say which is my favourite style, because it varies from day to day. i think of music as being food for the soul, so my soul feels like something different to eat every day. a few months ago i cycled up the Hamilton Highway, the ride went for 5 hours. i almost made it to Cressy before i had to turn back because it was going to get dark. it was a tough ride and i was getting tired towards the end. i had every genre you can think of playing in my ipod, and the times when tech house came on, i found myself perking up quite a bit and peddling much harder. it was then that i realised that i do love a few different genres, but I’d have to say that tech house does something to me that other genres don’t do, and i mean the more intelligent side of tech house, not the obvious clubby side of the spectrum.


3. What is your favorite item? and why?

my favourite item is my laptop, i spend every possible moment on it. i never watch TV, because every time i watch TV i think i could have spent that time writing a new track, but wasted it watching TV. it goes to bed with me, and i sometimes take it out with me. there are so many times that I’m out and all i can think of is writing another track. i love the person that invented laptops. it has become my new girlfriend. i haven’t got a name for her yet, i think that might be taking it a bit too far, but don’t tell her that ;o)


4. If you could be a lollie, what one would you like to be or what would describe you.?

i recon id be a Fantail, because they’ve always got useless information on the wrapper. i seem to be filled with a lot of useless information. i use to watch a lot of documentaries.


5. The venues you have been playing lately, have been more relaxed and sexy, Is this what your true style is?
yeah I’ve been doing a lot of down tempo stuff between Edge, and Mr Hyde. i like the down tempo end of the pool, it seems to attract people that are a bit more switched on. i still love playing bangin tunes, but I’ve found that when i play in venues that have a matured demographic, i don’t seem to get the same request over and over. i do guest spots all the time in venues that are dominated with young crew, and i seem to find my sets a bit too obvious. young punters have favourite tracks, but they don’t realise that I’ve got a box of their new favourite tracks, they just haven’t heard them yet. they’ve got to give me a chance to play them.


6. Whats your fav color?

i use to think it was a bit silly to have a fave color, but over the years I’ve met a lot of people that have a favourite colors. mine is definitely blue, i don’t know why, it just seems to be a color that I’ve always been attracted to.


7. what is your most inspirational track, and why or what did it do to you.?

that’s such a hard question, but i think I’m going to have to go with: Out House by Nathan Fake. it moves me so much, it’s like climbing a mountain and finally getting to the top and seeing an amazing view, it’s just like that feeling you get inside. the track is also written very well. Out House has so many layers going on, but the track isn’t busy because Nathan Fake has composed it very cleverly, as something drops in, something else drops out etc… i hope one day i can create a track as good as it? 


8. what would you listen to if you were going to chill out?

i recon a mixture of Trip Hop, and Nu Jazz with some Left Field is a good cocktail of sounds to chill out to.


9. Who would be your favorite comedian, and how would you get them tied into your music style if you could?

I’ve always liked the work of Noel Feilding who plays Vince Noir on the Mighty Boosh. I’ve seen some of his stand up, and he’s not very conventional. he does very left field comedy that is very funny, but the average joe just doesn’t get it. the only correlation a can think of in regards to tieing his style into mine would be to do something that would seem strange, but did have a point. only people that were switched on would follow it, and the rest of the room would be scratching their heads.


10. what is the craziest thing that has happened to you.?

something weird that did happen was when i had a bookshelf delivered from ikea. the Hungarian delivery guy saw that i had Mishka stencilled on a few things in my house (Mishka was a party i use to put on) he asked what Mishka was? and it turned out that Mishka is a nickname for Michael in Hungarian. i had come up with my own nickname in another language, which blew me away because i didn’t think Mishka meant anything, i just made it up.




You can catch Schmikey at this Gig “End of the line” Friday, July 24th, Venue: “Mr Hyde”, 11 Malop St, Geelong, starts at 8pm, but the extra cool thing is that the party may start there, but it does not finish there. It goes on to the Infamous “Sorry Grandma” through buses there and back. so cool. so get amongst it. tickets for the buses are also available through Mr Hyde.

Here is a little something from the man himself to get you ready.
I really enjoyed the depth of sound this mix took. Good Work. 

Schmikey – ‘End of the line’ mixtape Download


1. ‘Out House’ (Fluffy Tool)’ by Nathan Fake. The Schmikey Edit.

2. ‘Sad & Golden’ by Jeremy Caulfield.

3. ‘Thanks For Coming’ by The Detroit Grand Pubahs.

4. ‘You Know I Dont Speak Spanish’ by Schmikey.

5. ‘Stop’ by Bini & Martini. The Luca Bacchetti 06 Remix

6. ‘Cry All Night’ by Daniel Steinberg.

7. ‘Psycho’ by 20/20 Soundsystem.

8. ‘Im In Love’ by Studio Apartment. The Ron Carroll Remix.

9. ‘The Greek’ by Zongamin.

10. ‘Night Falls’ by Bookashade. The Larry Gold’s Night Falls Over Philly String Version.

11. ‘These Days’ (dub) by Petter.

12. ‘Sad Piano’ by Justin Martin.

13. ‘Wish’ by Ellen Alien.

14. ‘Arcshatzen by Lissat & Voltax. The Rotfenser Misic Remix.

15. ‘Titelheld’ by Extrawelt.

16. ‘Sehnsucht’ by Ellen Alien.

17. ‘Forms & Shapes’ by Sascha Funke.

18. ‘The Light 3000’ by Schneider TM feat: Kpt Michigan. The Schmikey Edit. (a cover of: ‘There Is A Light That Never Goes Out’ by The Smiths)