Hot Chocolate on my birthday

10 06 2009



It was my birthday the other day, and i did not really get a chance to have a party. Well on that note, when i was born a certain song hit top of the pops. ‘Hot Chocolate’, Heaven is in the back seat of my cadillac. Its a classic PARTY track that can influence so many dance floors from disco boogie, to funk and soul, Oh yeah and pop. There are a lot of funk groups that have influenced my electronic and party style sets. which those sets are getting more and more far apart. so maybe one soon.

So go get some Hot Chocolate into your self and celebrate my birthday and think of what can be. One with the funk. Other artists that have influenced and snuck into my party and hiphop playlists
are Boney M, Earth Wind Fire, Chic, and Prince.
so here is some funk, disco, boogie, to add to your ears, and mix Enjoy.

Hot Chocolate – Heaven is in the back seat of my cadillac Download


Boney M. – Rasputin Download


Earth Wind Fire – Boogie Wonderland Download


Karen Silver Vs Chic – Nobody Else To Cry We Have A Good Times (BALEGATZZO REMIX) Download


James Brown Vs Prince – Sexy Kiss Machine (Dmc) Download


Paisley Funk (Instrumental In Style of Prince) Download


Tom Tom Club – Genius Of Love Download


Yazz and The Plastic Population – The Only Way Is Up Download


Well its been a while between posts and i’m sorry. as my life has been a little bit busy lately with a new job. So another post real soon.
PEACE . . .